3 Pro Tips For Applying Lash Extensions At Home

3 Pro Tips For Applying Lash Extensions At Home
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3. Maintain Your Lashes

Now for the really important part: upkeep. To prolong the lifespan of your new eyelash extensions, Baraf suggests gently and carefully washing your face with a soft, reusable cloth (she likes Face Halo’s makeup removers). “Avoid submerging your face under the shower head or splashing your face with water,” she says. When cleansing, opt for oil-free face wash and makeup remover “as oil-based [ones] will break down the lash glue.”

Have a spoolie on hand to give your new lashes the occasional brush, Baraf adds. “I like to brush [in] the morning, before bed, and here and there throughout the day.” (This is especially helpful if you have a tendency to fuss with your lash extensions.)

You probably won’t need it anyway, but avoid waterproof mascara, as removing it will damage the extensions. And ditch the eyelash curler, too, as it’ll cause extra stress and possibly over-bend them, warns Baraf. “But if you must give yourself a curl, I recommend using a heated [one] that doesn’t clamp.”

Lastly, try to sleep on your back and use a pillowcase made of a delicate fabric like silk or satin, as those will provide a little extra TLC.

Your DIY lashes should last anywhere from a few days to a week. When you’re ready to remove them, follow this guide to ensure the process is safe and effective.

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