founders of herb and flora


Marie-Pierre Stark Flora and Guillaume Herbette met in 2014 in New York when Marie-Pierre was looking for a team to train for her first triathlon. They soon discovered their common passion for sports, science and clean beauty as well as their ties to a breathtaking island in the Mediterranean, Corsica. That was the beginning of an incredibly rich partnership. Inspired by their shared passions, Marie-Pierre and Guillaume decided to create their unique line of clean beauty products in Corsica during the summer of 2019. HERB+FLORA was born!

herb and flora founder Marie-Pierre Stark Flora

A former L’Oréal, Estée Lauder and Coty executive, Marie-Pierre is an entrepreneur, marketing & sales expert in the beauty space with a passion for branding and product development. Marie-Pierre was the Founder and CEO of iluminage, inc., a beauty tech company funded by Unilever Ventures. French-born with Corsican roots, Marie Pierre is based in New York where she has spent the last 25 years.

Guillaume is an experienced CEO in the influencer marketing and communications industry with a finance and operations background. He has a passion for new technology and product launches in the beauty industry. French-born, Guillaume had spent over 20 years in London and New York, which remains the city of his heart. Guillaume is based in Corsica, the birthplace of Herb + Flora.

herb and flora founder Guillaume Herbette